How to master the flat lay…. +some tips and tricks

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

A flat lay is a way to present your travel essentials, daily outfits, beauty products, shopping successes, night-out essentials, lazy afternoon items and so much more in a simple way, that can be done by just about anyone with a few tips and tricks. Upload a flat lay on Instagram and your pictures will be buzzing with comments. To find out how to master the chic yet professional flat lay then keep on reading………

Step one: Start with a blank canvas for the best effect, for a more edgy look use a patterned canvas, for example: marble. If your going for a chic look on the other hand stay neutral.


Step two: Choose a main item or hero piece that you want to base the flat lay around. The other items should complement this item, try to make the main piece the biggest item.


Step 3: Always remember that less is more especially for a more professional flat lay, sometimes the simplest of ideas go along way.


Step 4: A theme is the key to success for a flat lay, a theme offers composition and class, although it is always tempting to add some ornaments or embellishments that are out of context, keep to the theme. (Here you can see that the theme is makeup)


Step 5: Use a colour theme, make sure to pick colours that work in harmony, the last thing you want is contradicting colours next to each other.


Step 6: Use a good editing app for your flat lay, although the set up has to be good , some editing can make a huge difference. I personally love to use MOLDIV ; its free and has features like :blur ,filters and anti shake.


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