Room decor DIY’S !!!

In today’s blog post I will be sharing with you some DIY room decor ideas that will transition your rooms from winter to spring whilst  giving your room a tumblr/chic feel. So if you would like to see 5 DIY’S that will brighten up your room for spring then keep on reading…….

DIY no.1 = This DIY will transform an old frame into a whiteboard that can be used for a to do list and much more.

All you need to do is remove the glass in the frame, then replace the picture in the frame with some printed paper of your style ,and write away. Add some fairy lights and your ready to go…..

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DIY no.2 = We all have millions of pens and pencils lying around everywhere but no effective way to store them, this DIY will solve you problems.

First gather some mason jars or milk bottles that you might find lying around in the house or if not you will find them at any pound store, next get some washi tape , paint or even craft paper that you wish to design your jars with and craft away . Give your jars a pop of colour and their ready to be used for your pens and pencils.

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DIY no.3 = This third DIY is a two-way DIY that can be used as Polaroid shadow box or an open storage box…

Start by getting a mini jewellery box with draws and remove the draws, we will use them in a later DIY . Next for a Polaroid shadow box start by placing the polaroids in the box then decorate the box by adding stickers. For the open storage box just remove the draws and store away…

DIY no.4 = Winter is all about the maroons and burgundys whilst a transition to spring calls for bright and cheerful colours like those bright pinks and pastel blues, this DIY will show you how to change a boring wooden box into something spring ready…..

First get a wooden box with draws and remove the draws, you can use the draws from the previous DIY. Next get some paint and paint on to the draws some patterns and designs that match your room decor. And your done… now you have a pretty place to store all your jewellery.

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DIY no.5 = If your a candle lover this DIY is for you….

All you need is some tea light candles and some washi tape of your liking, just wrap the washi tape around the the candle and your good to go

Thank you for reading my blog post ,I hope you enjoyed.To get notifications for my posts subscribe to my blog down below if you are on a mobile device and leave me a comment and if you are on a desktop device subscribe on the right, see you next time 🙂


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