Delays, coach rides and theatre

Heyyyyy guys its LifeOfA back at you with another Sunday blog, I was thinking of making this ‘Sunday blog thing’ a weekly series. From Monday to Friday I will either post a tutorial of some sort or a picture that I have taken and obviously a quote everyday. And on Sunday I will post a Sunday blog, so to find out about my adventures keep on reading….. (sorry for the late upload)

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Well in last weeks blog I talked briefly about my Sunday adventures but this blog will talk about a poetry performance I attended, now although the performance was intriguing it was the coach journey that was most enjoyable, but let me start right at the beginning. So me being an absolute control freak I had planned the day exactly how it went how I thought it would go but I soon realised there are some things you just cannot control, like London’s traffic. I was meant to be somewhere after this poetry performance at 5:00 so after all the calculations of traffic and all the algebra ect. (basically google maps) i was meant to arrive back at 4:15.On the way to the theatre the journey went just as planned and the plan was still intact, however as soon things got a little out of hand it just went downhill from there.

You see on the journey back we were first told of a 30 mins delay however this number increased and increased making me go on a stress overload thinking over and over in my head about the same thing, but after about 1 hour 2 hours of stressing non stop, i finally came to the conclusion that there are just some thing you cannot control and you should just let some things go, if you were wondering i arrived back at 7:00…..



Heres some pics from the journey-



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