10 studying hacks that everyone should know….

Heyyyy guys its LifeOfA and in today’s blog post im going to be sharing 10 studying hacks. So we all understand the feeling of revising and the stress that comes with revision, im the kind of person who will revise weeks before yet the day before the exam still feel the need to revisit each topic but there are certain things that really help me when revising, these are my studying hacks that i will be sharing with you today…. Remember to follow my blog, comment and follow my social medias down below. 🙂

HACK NO.1 – When were stressed out for exams we tend to leave things messy and unorganised but this is extremely ineffective when studying, because when our rooms are messy our minds are messy, try to work in a organised room with a fresh scent and peaceful environment.


HACK NO.2 – Be colourful when revising, the colours will make the notes look nice and the colours will make revising enjoyable. Another tip would be to use highlighters to represent different topics, using colours just make you feel more productive.


HACK NO.3 – If your a person with a low attention span set targets for yourself, set an alarm on your phone and if you want to stop yourself from using your social media or certain websites then there are certain websites that can block these websites for a set time.Try leaving treats for yourself along the way….


HACK NO.4- Follow the famous Pomodoro revision guide, work for 25mins and take a 5mins break then after an hour (4 periods of 25mins) take a 20mins break. This technique aims to boost your concentration level and prevent tiredeness.


HACK NO.5 – Try to chew a odd or intresting flavour gum when revising and chew the same gum in your exam, it will jog your memory and gum is also known to calm you down. (ONLY IF YOUR ALLOWED)


HACK NO.6 – If your not a person who learns through reading or writing notes then try to watch some youtube lectures regarding your exam, but remeber not to get distracted on youtube.


HACK NO.7 – If you have a maths test try to write all the formulas you might need at the beginning when your memory is most fresh, this will help you futher on. You can use this with other tests as well.


HACK NO.8 – Try to vary the places that revise, this hack enables you to intake more information due to the change of enviroment, in fact it will also relax you when you change the enviroment.


HACK NO.9 – Try using mnemonic devices to remember crucial parts for your exam although this may not seem useful it actually works.


HACK NO.1o – Try to keep a healthy and balanced life style although it may seem that these things have nothing to do with revising and exams, a healthy lifestyle actually boosts your memory and helps you de stress, studies actually show that taking a 20 mins walk before an exam can calm you and increase your brain captivity.download

Thank you for reading my blog see you all soon for my Sunday blog. Byeee xx

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