Heyyyy guys its LifeOfA and today I am going to be showing you how to make this a super cute noteboard which will help you stay super organised and make sure you never lose another loose sheet. So if you would like to find out how you can make this DIY then continue reading…..

For this DIY you will only need a few key items:                                                                                                                           *A photo frame      *Push pins       *Paper clips/mini pegs      * Chicken wire

Step 1- Remove the glass from the frame and put the glass aside, for this DIY you will only need the frame.

Processed with MOLDIV


Step 2- Get your chicken wire and cut it to size, you can use pliers and scissors.



Step 3- Now get your chicken wire and apply it to the back of your frame using push pins and glue.


Processed with MOLDIV


Step 4- Now you can decorate your frame, I used some washi tape and then put some inspirational quotes and art work on the frame using paper clips but you could also use mini wooden pegs as well. Finish it off with some fairy lights and your good to go.

blog 1.JPG


And your done, thank you for reading todays blog post, follow my blog to be notified when I next upload and be sure to follow my social medias and comment down below ….                                 Bye xxxxx









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