Heyyy guys its LifeOfA, in todays post I am going to be doing a whole overview of my photography dos and donts, photography inspiration and my top tips. But before I begin make sure you follow and give this post a thumbs up. So without futher a do lets get started……….



Meet up with other photographers

Dont be afriad to meet others even if they may be more experianced than you, we all have something to learn! This is one of the best ways to learn new tricks and techniques. Join groups, clubs or even take a class held locally. It will be an oppurtunity to ask lots of questions.

Experiment with your photography

This is the biggest tip. Play with your settings, style, editing, cameras, accessories, etc. Try new things and don’t be afraid to mess up. Photography is an art of its own, let your creative juices flow. You never really know what you will end up with until you try. You may end up with something cool and unique.

Research into photography

Subscribe to a cool photography magazine, follow photographers on Twitter and Instagram, read other blogs for tips and tricks, there is nothing wrong with seeking some inspiration. The more you learn, the more you can try.

Share your photography

Post your photos online and let the world see. There are so many photography enthusiasts out there that want to see what you are doing with your camera. Share with friends, family and social media or even find a group of local artists and display your work in public. Dont be afraid to show the world your passion!


Limit your style

You may find that there are a lot of photography trends out there. If you are active on instagram, pinterest , tumblr and most other photo-sharing social media’s , you will sometimes see a lot of the same trendy photos. Although a trendy pic now and then can be cute, make your style your own and don’t be afraid to try different shooting and editing styles.

Be afraid to edit

Remember when editing there is an ‘undo’ button!! With editing software, you can adjust all the basics: contrast, exposure, saturation, etc. Some programs allow you to become very detailed, so if you didn’t get the image you wanted when shooting, try changing it. A free editing app I use is MOLDIV.


The last thing you want to do with editing is overlook the beauty of your work and continue editing until, you cannot even recognise youe own work. Have confidence in your photography and remember that nobody is the judge of creativity part from the creator. Here is an example of a before and after for a picture edited by me:

Now we all feel like to do photography we need, expensive camera lenses and expensive lights but my best tip would be natural lighting and if you need a background for a flat lay, white or a patterned peice of card would be affordable and perfect for a flat lay.

My best location’s for photography:

*Urban art- This has to be one of my fave locations, just the edginess of urban art and the representation of freedom is what I find most intriuging.

*Nature- This probably wont come as a suprise to most of you, although taking pictures of nature can sound cliché ,if you find an intresting tree with the sun shining just right it can make for a great insta post.

*Events-  Fashion shows, beauty events or even just a family outing. Any form of an event calls for some pictures. But dont grt caught up in capturing the perfect pic; just take what you can and edit it later!

Thank you guys so much for reading today’s post, if you missed the last one make sure to go check it out. Don’t forgrt to like and follow to get notifications every time I upload. See you next time .Bye xxx


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