Back to school essentials + tips & tricks

Heyy guys, It’s LifeOfA 😜😜. I know we all go back to school or college/uni at different times and some of us are not even ready to think about school but the one thing I love about the back to school season is the stationary. When you go into secondary/college or become a senior , stationary becomes more and more crucial for exams, revision etc. So if you would like some essentials and tips for back to school, then be sure to read this blog…

Stationary essentials checklist : (YOU CAN TICK OF THE ONES YOU HAVE BOUGHT )
– [ ] Black / blue pens🖊🖊
– [ ] Coloured pens🖌🖍
– [ ] Pencils✏️✏️
– [ ] Ruler,rubber and pencil sharpener📏
– [ ] Glue and scissors✂️
– [ ] Planner🗓
– [ ] Timetable📆
– [ ] A little doodle book ( not for class though )📓
– [ ] Static post it notes🔖
– [ ] Index cards🗒
– [ ] Pencil case
– [ ] Highlighters🖍🖍
– [ ] Calculators

Revision essentials :
* Index cards : These are perfect for jotting down and briefing information for revision.
* Post it notes ( preferably coloured ones) : Just stick these in your room or where you are a lot of the time, you will find that seeing these notes over and over will subconsciously make your brain put them into long term memory .
* Smooth pens : These can be black or coloured pens, having hard pens will delay your revision process.( Another pro is that the notes will instantly look neat!!)
* Highlighter : Highlighters are perfect to separate keywords and break up large chunks of writing. Just don’t get carried , it’s not colouring (Some of my faves are the stabilo boss highlighters in the pastel colours )I’m slightly obsessed with any thing pastel

Exam essentials:
* 3 working smooth black pens : On your exam days you cannot rely on that one rusty ,old pen that’s got you through everything. Having three pens is sort of a precaution for anything that could happen, them being smooth won’t restrict you to perform at your best ability effectively.
* A SCIENTIFIC calculator ( For any subjects that need it) : You need to make sure you have a working calculator that is scientific.
* A HB pencil: Most examiners will ask for a HB pencil..
* A pencil sharpener and rubber: For exams that require pencil ,crossings will not be permitted so you will need a sharpener for sure!

Thank you guys so much for reading today’s blog, be sure to come back tomorrow for more back to school blogs! And remember that you may have your own way if revising which works for you , there is never a wrong way ! If you would like to be notified every time I post be sure to follow, and like this post!

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