5 #GirlBoss Habits you need to know!

PERFECTION. Do you want to know the issue with this word? No one is perfect. It’s an illusion. By aiming for perfection you set goals so unrealistic that they become impossible to reach and you never feel satisfied. You need to stop imagining this instagram perfect life, because were all guilty of pressing the snooze button one too many times or leaving that assignment right up to the last-minute. But what’s better than perfection is having the power to carry on because there is nothing better than some girl power so here are some #GirlBoss habits that you need to know.

  1. Wake up early- There is nothing like waking up later than scheduled, if you need to be somewhere it will set off unbelievable levels of anxiety thus starting your day of with bad vibes. I even find waking up late makes me want to procrastinate a lot more. It’s normal to find it difficult to wake up early but after around 2-3 weeks your body will adjust. Related image
  2. Stop procrastinating- I mean I have to admit, like everyone else, I too procrastinate from time to time. Sometimes it’s those mundane things- like sorting through some old files or organising your wardrobe. But often it’s actually bigger tasks that have a bigger impact on our lives. We manage to come with all sorts of creative “reasons” why TODAY is not the right time. But these are just pure excuses fuelled by fear, if you want to be a real #GirlBoss then face whatever you have to do head on.Image result for Procrastination
  3. Hydration is key- Now you have probably heard this one a million time but if you want to be on your A game you need energy and dehydration definitely wont be helping you! Get yourself a cute tumbler or bottle or whatever will motivate you to drink more water.Image result for cute water bottles
  4. Move forward Maybe this a me thing but I always get caught up on the little things but you need to keep your eye on the bigger picture instead of the little bumps. If you get caught up on the little things you will never achieve your goals and will get stuck in one place!
  5. Stop putting yourself down and start pulling yourself up.- If you don’t believe in yourself how do you expect others to. Having the right mindset and confidence make anything seem achievable. And remember a true #GirlBoss never compares herself to anyone instead she finds ways to improve herself.

Image result for confidence

Thanks for reading, future girlbosses of the world! Now that you have all the intel go and share and don’t forget to thank the informer (ME!) by liking, following and be sure to leave me a comment! 


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