Professional photography on an iphone

Whether you forgot your cannon at home or just are not in the mood to lug around your heavy camera, just remember your iphone (or any phone in fact) is your secret weapon. When you want to capture that picture perfect moment don’t be afraid to whip out your phone- and after this post I guarantee next time you won’t hesitate to go all out with your phone.

Keep it simple– Don’t overcomplicate the picture, try keeping it simple and pick one subject for the image and use the empty or negative space around it to draw attention to that detail.

Change the perspective- Try shooting the same image from down below to capture more details from the foreground and create a unique perspective of an image.

Create depth- Try shooting pictures with a middle, foreground and background to have an image with lots of layers and different meanings in the image.

Lighting is key- Natural, bright lighting makes all the difference in making an photograph look more professional. It can take a photo from dull and drab to bright and euphoric. Try to shoot in an open space to limit shadows and increase the amounts of natural sunlight.


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