Is photoshop damaging us?

There is no denying the power of social media and the immense influence it has on us, instagram in particular is known for it’s highlight reel portrayed by our favourite celebrities and also instagram influencers; but has the air brushing gone a step too far?

We live at a time where photoshopping our bodies using apps or actual surgery has become trendy and the norm. Although this has become normal for us to see and easily digested by us ,surgey and photoshop is often done by popular influencers and celebrities so not accesible for all. This means that it leaves both teenagers and even fully grown adults questioning the way they look, comparing themselves with images and aspiring to look like artificial versions of peoples bodies. They find themselves scrolling through this highlight reel of someone elses life questioning whether or not something has been photoshopped, left in the unknown and imprinted with these insecurities cut deep into their skin.

Although this strive for perfection and this podium that celebrities in the beauty industry have been placed on has been present for years its 2019 and some change and action is needed. We have seen a promotion of different and unique body types but is time to be honest and real with eachother. If you start by being truthful to yourself what you see on your phone or online cannot affect you. Bodies cannot be trendy we need to stop treating our bodies like fashion; one minute curvy is in and the next minute being skinny is the next trend.


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