Fashion trends this summer 2019

As summer commences and begins to move full-swing it is up to us to decipher what we see on our streets and runway to find this summer’s hottest and most wearable trends. Here is a compelation of this summers most popular trends.

The 90’s slip dress– This infamous piece will not be leaving us anytime soon as it has made it’s ultimate comeback; being made over in satin and patterns to die for.

Cycling shorts- From athlesuire wear to the runway cycling shorts have become a staple in every wardrobe for a casual daytime look to being styled with a classy blazer for a special dinner.

The pleated skirt- Styled with a graphic tee, bodysuit or dainty blouse; this versatile peice is dominating the streets.

Fringe everything- This trend takes extra to a whole new level helping you to easily channel your inner spanish vibes. Perfect for holiday and those summer parties.

Bags.Bags.Bags- This season is all about the little accesories like bags whether they are straw bags, mini bags or bum bags. These little purses have definately pulled on our heart strings.

Any trends I missed out- leave them below.


Autumn fashion trends

As the high street summer sales come to a close, autumn collections begin to leak onto the rails. While we all spent the last few weeks battling The U.K weather and all its frosty remnants, the fashion industry was serving up some very well-timed fall collections. And with NYFW on the go we have the details on the new trends you will be seeing all over instagram. 

1.Animal magic – From balenciaga to topshop we have seen animal print everywhere from purses to coats to pants. Leopard print has definitely been the breakout print for runways this season.Image result for leopard print trend

2. Fun textures – Vinyl, metallic, glossy, shiny. You name it, this season the motto is the glossier the better. You’ll see these more shiny textured items paired with more tactile textures like tweed, fur or knit.

Image result for vinyl skirt fall

3. Mini handbags – If your someone who’s handbag is just a deep black abyss then this trend is gonna make you break into a sweat. These new miniature handbags may not be the most practical trend but they are still super cute.

Related image

4. Brown is the new black – Were back to the 70’s with this trend, from tan to dark brown, all it’s about is finding the right hue for you. Mimick Chloe’s runway style by going for a fully monochromatic brown look.

Image result for brown runway look

5. Gold hoops 3.0 – Gold hoops are a seasonal staple but for fall they’re taking on a myriad of truly head-turning appearances. From the slinky-like hoops to the uber thick iterations at Louis Vuitton, the ways in which the standard golden O have been reimagined are truly worth marveling at.

Image result for gold hoops nyfw

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