Summer reading list

Whether you will be kicking it back on a sunbed ,lounging out in your garden or bundling up in your bed this summer; a good book is essential to fill those quiet evenings and copliment your coffee in the morning. Here is a reading list for you bookworms from classic to 20th century novels across all genres.

  1. Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors: A Novel– A modern take on the classic novel that is a must have on any beach vacation.
  2. I’ll Never Tell– A grippling murder mystery perfect for those slow afternoons in the garden.
  3. On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous– A bit more of a deep and meaningful novel about a identity crisis perfect for quiet mornings.
  4. Lock Every Door– Perfect poolside thriller ,I mean if that’s what your into.
  5. Wuthering heights– I couldn’t not add this classic to my list, if their is one book I would highly recommend it would be this one.
  6. The house of mirth– Another classic but one of those I would rather be watching Gossip Girl books that exposes the elite.

I hope you enjoyed skimming through my summer reading list, let me know any suggestions you have for me below.


So, Is Feminism really a dirty word?

It seems like over the years feminism has become more and more of a household name among the younger generation – but not for the right reasons. Throughout the years the once innocent name ‘feminism’ has received the fair share of stigma and has been clouded with taboo. With feminism being tainted all that remains are anti-feminist memes,tweets and social media pages. People have been heavily influenced by celebs who find it more important to be sexually empowered than intellectually empowered. And for this reason feminism conjures up images of angry, man-hating, bra burning women instead of peace and equality. It sparks up arguments instead of a voices of harmony. But why is it that feminism is seen as offensive? And ultimately is feminism really a dirty word?

Let’s take it right back to the roots and the original feminist movement and purpose, this was none other than First-wave feminismFirst-wave feminism was a period of feminist activity and thought that occurred during the 19th and early 20th century throughout the Western world. It focused on legal issues, primarily on gaining the right to vote. It was often known as women’s liberation before the very offensive term feminism came about. So Google :what is the definition of feminism ‘the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.’ So why is it that people feel threatened to claim that they are feminists. It is all these constant negative connotations toward feminism that both women and men feel uncomfortable to even say the word feminism! 

But to enable ourselves to move forward and continue the feminist movement we need to reject the negative stereotypes and ignore the fact that on the day of the women’s march all you see is anti-feminist tweets and memes, we need to ignore those downward glances at a women or man who is strong enough to proudly say ‘I am a feminist.’ And remember that changing the ‘oh so very offensive’ word feminism to equality will definitely not change the motive of the movement (EQUALITY), it wont reduce those groans of disbelief and looks of disdain. But surely that does not mean that feminism is a dirty word, it means that maybe if society would change its mindset on feminism we wouldn’t have to change the word we regard it as. Stop making excuses to find a way out to help deal with important issues and start realising that if it does not affect you now it will affect you in the future. So now you truly tell me, Is feminism really a dirty word?

5 #GirlBoss Habits you need to know!

PERFECTION. Do you want to know the issue with this word? No one is perfect. It’s an illusion. By aiming for perfection you set goals so unrealistic that they become impossible to reach and you never feel satisfied. You need to stop imagining this instagram perfect life, because were all guilty of pressing the snooze button one too many times or leaving that assignment right up to the last-minute. But what’s better than perfection is having the power to carry on because there is nothing better than some girl power so here are some #GirlBoss habits that you need to know.

  1. Wake up early- There is nothing like waking up later than scheduled, if you need to be somewhere it will set off unbelievable levels of anxiety thus starting your day of with bad vibes. I even find waking up late makes me want to procrastinate a lot more. It’s normal to find it difficult to wake up early but after around 2-3 weeks your body will adjust. Related image
  2. Stop procrastinating- I mean I have to admit, like everyone else, I too procrastinate from time to time. Sometimes it’s those mundane things- like sorting through some old files or organising your wardrobe. But often it’s actually bigger tasks that have a bigger impact on our lives. We manage to come with all sorts of creative “reasons” why TODAY is not the right time. But these are just pure excuses fuelled by fear, if you want to be a real #GirlBoss then face whatever you have to do head on.Image result for Procrastination
  3. Hydration is key- Now you have probably heard this one a million time but if you want to be on your A game you need energy and dehydration definitely wont be helping you! Get yourself a cute tumbler or bottle or whatever will motivate you to drink more water.Image result for cute water bottles
  4. Move forward Maybe this a me thing but I always get caught up on the little things but you need to keep your eye on the bigger picture instead of the little bumps. If you get caught up on the little things you will never achieve your goals and will get stuck in one place!
  5. Stop putting yourself down and start pulling yourself up.- If you don’t believe in yourself how do you expect others to. Having the right mindset and confidence make anything seem achievable. And remember a true #GirlBoss never compares herself to anyone instead she finds ways to improve herself.

Image result for confidence

Thanks for reading, future girlbosses of the world! Now that you have all the intel go and share and don’t forget to thank the informer (ME!) by liking, following and be sure to leave me a comment! 

Mystery blogger award

Hey guys its LifeOfa, and today’s blog post is going to be about ‘the mystery blogger’ award which I was kindly nominated for by the lovely ihuomasylva from the paraphase blog (Make sure to check her out). I love how versatile her blog is from posts on photography to her day-to-day life! One of my favourite posts from her is this one. I felt really happily surprised when I saw the nomination, and this definitely gave me motivation to carry on, being a small blogger. So thank you so much 🙂


  • Put the award image on your blog.
  • List the rules.
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Answer questions given to you.
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  • Nominate 5 – 10 people. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blogs.
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice, with one weird/funny question (specify).
  • Share a link to your best posts.

3 things about myself:

1. I have to read the book before I watch the movie(if there is one). So basically I’m a bit of  a bookworm.

2. I’m a hardcore feminist. I love fighting for equality in any peaceful way I can and I am a proud women’s activist.

3. I am a bit of a perfectionist and I like to use it to my advantage. Obviously not everything can be perfect but it definitely inspires my good work ethic. (if I do say so myself)

Question and answer time:

  1. What is the first thing you do when you get back home from a day’s activity? The first thing I do after a day’s activity is change into some super comfy pajama bottoms or joggers, I mean I cant fully relax in tight jeans or pants. This definitely gets me into a more chill mood after a long day.
  2. Do you prefer to eat out or within the confines of your home? This depends on the occasion, for example for a birthday dinner I would definitely choose a restaurant. However on just a regular night, I would prefer eating in, it’s just more comfortable!
  3. Slides, sneakers or heels? I really love block heels, I think they can look classy, casual and cute all at the same time. And I was definitely swept up by the slides trend so I bought a pair. But surprise surprise I wore them like once. However I think that sneakers will always be my ultimate choice, they are comfort and fashion all rolled up into one.
  4. How do you learn best, videos or books? I learn better with books. I am a more visual learner so I enjoy highlighting and underlining certain words in books to better help me understand.
  5. What line in a movie do you remember the most? “On Wednesdays we wear pink.” I mean come on quoting mean girls is not only a sport but a national practice.

My questions:

1.What is something you wished you were gifted at doing? (Apart from quoting mean girls)

2.What is your most embarrassing moment?

3.What do you consider unforgivable?

4.What is the first thing that you notice about people?

5.Describe your fashion sense in a few sentences.

My nominees:


2.Kelly Stone




How to: start a bullet journal

All you need is a pen a notebook, except its a lot more than that. After seeing bullet journals plastered all over the internet whether it was instagram,tumblr or pinterest, I knew that I wanted to do it the right way. So I spent a day of researching and scouring the internet of different equipment and layouts. But I mean sharing is caring; so I have decided to share all my intel in this post. So without further ado, bullet journalling 101!

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Top Tips for Dry skin

Whilst there a multiple gifts that winter blesses us with ;from cold mornings to biting wind chills,I have to admit my favourite would have to be winters cruel way of sucking all hydration from us,thus leaving us with dry, stretchy skin. One day you’re enjoying a nice, mild fall day and the next day you’re dealing with wind chills that look more like shoe sizes than temperatures. There’s just something about the biting wind chills and snowflakes hitting your face that seems so much more romantic in the movies, because in real life, it’s just plain painful. So here are a few tips to make sure the only flakes you see falling this season are from the sky- not your cheeks. Continue reading “Top Tips for Dry skin”

Back to school essentials + tips & tricks

Heyy guys, It’s LifeOfA 😜😜. I know we all go back to school or college/uni at different times and some of us are not even ready to think about school but the one thing I love about the back to school season is the stationary. When you go into secondary/college or become a senior , stationary becomes more and more crucial for exams, revision etc. So if you would like some essentials and tips for back to school, then be sure to read this blog…

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10 things to do in London this SUMMER 2017

Heyy guys it is LifeOfA , and as some of you may know, in the summer months of June, July and August ,London morphes into something unknown to us through the winter months.  The rooftop bars open, the parks get packed with sunbathers, and you can eat, drink and play outdoors all day, late into the evening. So as the the therometres rise, we are overwhelmed for things to do: Here are 10 of my favourite things to do in London this SUMMER 2017.

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DIY Fluffy Slime Tested

Heyyy guys, its LifeOfA and in todays blog post I am going to be testing out the viral trend that has been all around the internet for the longest time. I am going to be testing out fluffy slime! Make sure to like and follow my blog to get notifications every time I post. So if you would like to see my *attempt* of fluffy slime then continue reading……..

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Heyyy guys its LifeOfA, and in todays blog post i am going to be sharing some pictures from my visit to the London muslim lifestyle event in Olympia. I attended the Modanisa fashion show their, and enjoyed the event overall. The event had many creators exhibiting different products and it also had some live shows and fashion shows. I do not want to drag the intro too much so here are the pictures…

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