Best props to use in a flat lay

 Flat lay photos have become the new ‘in’ thing on Instagram – they’re classic, simple and chic ways to show off your favourite objects and current addictions in a pretty way. Creating a flat lay photo is one of the easiest ways to take your Instagram from “nice” to “are you a production designer? This looks like it was in Vogue.” But what props should you actually use for a flat lay? In today’s blog post I will be breaking down a few cheap and cute props that you probably have lying around your house.

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Heyyy guys its LifeOfA, in todays post I am going to be doing a whole overview of my photography dos and donts, photography inspiration and my top tips. But before I begin make sure you follow and give this post a thumbs up. So without futher a do lets get started………. Continue reading “PHOTOGRAPHY 101”


Heyyy guys its LifeOfA, and in todays blog post i am going to be sharing some pictures from my visit to the London muslim lifestyle event in Olympia. I attended the Modanisa fashion show their, and enjoyed the event overall. The event had many creators exhibiting different products and it also had some live shows and fashion shows. I do not want to drag the intro too much so here are the pictures…

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How to master the flat lay…. +some tips and tricks

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A flat lay is a way to present your travel essentials, daily outfits, beauty products, shopping successes, night-out essentials, lazy afternoon items and so much more in a simple way, that can be done by just about anyone with a few tips and tricks. Upload a flat lay on Instagram and your pictures will be buzzing with comments. To find out how to master the chic yet professional flat lay then keep on reading………

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