Thought of the day

Is fitting in even important?

Just begin by imagining a world where everyone looked the same, acted the same and thought the same things. PRETTY BORING right? We are all different yet co-exist together so well which shows the only person you should be fitting in with should be yourself- meaning always staying true to yourself. At the end of the day fitting in is only a short term strategy when being yourself pays off in the long term. You only have one life to live don’t waste it living for other people.


Thought of the day

What is stress?

We have all felt the immense preassure that comes with well life- whether it is exams, meeting a work deadline or trouble in your personal life. But we have to understand the point where preassure and stress begins to negatively impact our menatal and physical health. Stress can cause you to work at a more optimum level up until a certain point but when it passes this point is when it starts to negatively impact your health. If there is one piece of advice I would give I would say that it’s never the amount of stress that is important but instead your reaction to the stress. Don’t fret about the little things and never stress over things you cannot change anyways.

Thought of the day

Manifestation- truth or a lie?

Manifesting your desires is 100% possible if you can distinguish what these goals are. Once you know this your subconscious gets to work reminding you of what you want until you manifest this goal. But remember you are co-creating with the universe and still have to work hard. Finally trust the process, I mean it is the law of attraction.

Thought of the week: The comfort zone

“The only thing to fear, is fear itself” That’s easy to say for those who have already made it, those who have nothing to lose, and those who have already accomplished all they yearn for and need in life. But everyone always has something to lose no matter how many accomplishments, they have they will always return to the unspeakable, dreaded place: THE COMFORT ZONE. I mean this is the place where you feel secure, I mean not happy but secure sure. Well you’re not over the moon but at least your safe, right? NO, the comfort zone is perfect for those who don’t mind endless events of the same thing and it’s not a bad thing if occupied for a short period of time. Think of it like two temperatures of water, there is one hot pool and one cold pool, when you’re in the hot pool it feels so nice and relaxing but eventually it will get too hot and you will have to get out altogether. Compared to the cold pool, the first 30 seconds will be like little ice needles prodding into your skin, but this discomfort will bring presence to you about what you can withstand and it will feel so revitalising once again to return to the hot water. But only for a short while because you don’t want it to burn you.

The hot pool represents the comfort zone which if occupied for too long will harm you compared to the cold water which are your dreams and all things outside of your comfort zone, although difficult they can never harm you just make you immune to more hardships and help you grow as a person. That’s why we need risks, how are we going to grow as humans if we do not make any mistakes? We need risks to keep us on our toes every second of the day and make everyday a new learning experience. I mean a risk does not have to be quitting your nine to five job to pursue that acting career you dreamt of, but it means doing little things and making those little choices each minute of each day that are going to take you one step further. Taking risks does not show irresponsibility it shows bravery and courage, there’s always ‘oh but what if I fail?’ but there is also ‘What if you fly?’, there is always two outcomes but if you do not take the risk you will always be left with that doubt of ‘What if…?’. So, go start painting or baking or start your own charity because remember even if it doesn’t turn out like you had hoped, you will always gain something compared to not doing it at all. Remember “Take the risk or lose the chance” and that’s coming from someone who has just started their journey.