Best props to use in a flat lay

 Flat lay photos have become the new ‘in’ thing on Instagram – they’re classic, simple and chic ways to show off your favourite objects and current addictions in a pretty way. Creating a flat lay photo is one of the easiest ways to take your Instagram from “nice” to “are you a production designer? This looks like it was in Vogue.” But what props should you actually use for a flat lay? In today’s blog post I will be breaking down a few cheap and cute props that you probably have lying around your house.

1. Books – Try opening them up to different pages for different looks.

2. Plants – These can be artificial or real, you can use roses or cacti depending on your aesthetic.

3. Stationary – Pens and little paper clips are perfect for any negative space.

4. Jewellery – I always find that rings and dainty long necklaces look amazing in any flat lay. If you are going for more of a bold flat lay you can even try more chunky jewellery.


5. Magazines – Layering fun and arty books and magazines will give your image a fun touch!

6. Laptop/Iphone – This would work if your going for a chilled vibe with some coffee and a blanket. But adding an item of technology can even give off an office/work vibe.

7. Polaroids or printed images – Use your own work or personal photos in the flat lay for an extra touch.

8. Planners/ diaries – Artsy planners or diaries can really add an extra something to your flat lay.

9. Food – Add some fruit for a fresh look or for a laid back vibe add a cup of tea or coffee which is my personal favourite.

10. Glasses – Maybe you have some funky sunglasses or some really out there oversized glasses that you don’t wear. Add them to your flat lay for all different types of looks.


11. Camera – Add your Polaroid camera or head down to a vintage shop for a cheap vintage camera. The more vintage the better!

12. Makeup – Lipsticks always look really good, they look good closed but if you pop off the lid and roll the lipstick up it can really add a pop of colour.


13. Perfume – The glass of the perfume bottle can really play with textures.

14. Blanket or a scarf – The texture of wool and cotton can once again be extremely interesting and add a soft touch.

15. Clothing – A cool, funky hat says a lot. You can even add shoes or bags.


16. Hair pins – Never underestimate the power of a hair pin, little metallic bobby pins are perfect fillers.

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